Monday, June 22, 2009

Cabin Trip

Last weekend we went to the Cabin for a little vacation, we have been super busy and thought it would be nice to relax and have fun. We went up on a Thursday night and came home Sunday afternoon. We had a really fun time, We had Marci and Bubba come up Friday night and leave Saturday later afternoon, we don't hangout with them much so it was nice to hangout with them. Here are some picture of the weekend.
Here is some pictures of Barrett at the Cabin, he is getting so big and he has so many smiles for everyone, he is such a happy boy and I love it!

Barrett trying out his Bumbo, I love these things, they are expensive but they are so worth it. Barrett hates to lay down flat, he has to be sitting straight up most of the time, so the Bumbo comes in nice and handy.

Friday afternoon we went out shooting, we had fun out there, Tannon had fun watching her Dad, of course the guns are too loud so we watch for the inside of the car, David couldn't hear her but she was screaming "Go Dad Go!" in the car. I wasn't planning on shooting but David wanted me try out his gun he had gotten, to see if I liked it, I had fun though.

David looking to see how well he shot.

And here he is shooting, I took these two pictures from the inside of the car, so thats why they look funny.

Barrett while we were out shooting.

And Tannon!

And here is Me trying to shoot, Im not very good but, oh well, I didn't even get close to the target.

And this is on Saturday, Bubba and Marci wanted to go shooting so we decided to go out again!

We went to Subway before heading out and Tannon got these cool sunglasses in her kids meal and she wanted a picture of her wearing them.

David and I on our way out shooting.

Our happy boy again!

Tannon watching Wow Wow Wubbzy while we were shooting, that is her new favorite show!

David shooting!

and Me again!

Marci and I had a contest to see who could shoot the shaving cream can first and I lost but I did win the Apple contest.

and this was when we were getting ready to leave on Sunday. We had alot of fun we also played lots of games, ate yummy food, did some quading and dirt biking, watched Greys anatomy and Tannon and David went out a few hikes. We had a good time!