Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fun Day Together

Yesterday I took Tannon to see Space Chimps with Grandma and Daniel too, and I just thought I would post a picture of us at the movies, its not a very good picture but oh well, I needed to post something new. Tannon loved the movie and talked about it all day and I think I enjoyed the popcorn the most, if anyone knows me they know I love movie popcorn. After the movie we decided to take David lunch plus Tannon kept asking where dad was, and also Tannon loves David's work mainly because of all the animals and she gets to see Papa Anderson. We had a good day together, I just love when I can do things like this with Tannon, she is my little best friend and I love her so much and to top the day off David came home and we went shopping and he let us buy Tannon a new dress and shirt and me a new shirt and we both love clothes, I think Tannon does more though.

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Weekend!!

So for 4th of July Weekend all the Anderson went to the cabin in Heber. We left Thursday night and came home Sunday evening. It was alot of fun to hangout with Davids family and it was nice to relax.

Tannon loved hangin-out with Max and Steph's dogs Roxy and Tilly, she loves dogs so much, I think we need to get a dog but David thinks different.

David and I at the cabin. David was helping his dad build stairs for the cabin on Saturday and I made him stop to take a picture with me.

Max took Tannon and Scout on the Rhino and they got stuck in the rain and they all came home soaking wet, but Tannon loved it.

Michelle, Tannon, Rider, Guard and Scout watching Toy Story. Stephanie and Max brought Stephanies 3 nephews up with them. Tannon loved hanging-out with the boys, she wanted to do everything they did, but she was to little to do some of the stuff.

David and Tannon getting ready to go on a quad ride.

Daivd was playing guitar hero, and then he went to go take shower, and when I came in from outside, there was Tannon sitting up on the table exactly where David had been playing guitar hero.

Saturday morning we went to the Parade, it was an interesting parade but it was fun. It was basically a water fight between the people in the parade and the people watching the parade so yep we left the parade wet.

Tannon and Uncle Jeff waving to the Parade poeple.

Some of the below pictures are from the Carnival we all went to on Saturday afternoon, it was a lot of fun.

This was Tannons favorite part of the whole Carnival, the pettting zoo. Tannon loves animals she could look and play with animals all day.

Tannon and Papa looking at the huge dog at the Carnival.

Tannon and Guard going down the slides.

Tannon and Guard waiting in line to ride the swings!

Family picture at the Carnival, its not a very good picture but we weren't ready for the picture.

The whole weekend all Tannon wanted to do was play with the boys and ride the rhino or the quad, so thats what she did. Luckily her Uncle Max was always willing to take her on a ride

The above picture is with Max, Tannon and Scout, and the bottom picture Tannon is playing with Guard on the Rhino.

On Saturday night we went and watched the fireworks. David and I were kinda nervous on how Tannon would act to them cause she hates loud noises and this was her first time seeing them, but she did better then we thought, she cried for like the first 5 minutes and then she went to the back of the truck with the boys and she was fine after that.

David and I just relaxing on Sunday while Tannon played with the boys, she had so much fun with them, they ran around all day playing tag. When we got home she would ask me where is Guardie. but I told her we would have to go to Uncle Maxs when they were there sometime.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Big Girl!

The other morning I got Tannon dressed and did her hair and when she went off to play, I had to do a double take when I looked at her cause she looked like such a big girl. So of course I had to take a picture and then I had to post it. I just cant believe how big my little girl is getting., she just looks so much older then she is. When ever we are out and people ask how old she is and we tell them 20 months they are so suprised, they think she is 3! She is just so tall for her age, I have to say she takes after her dad, which is a good thing! She is my gorgeous girl and I am so grateful for her in my life, she really is one of my best friends, she goes shopping with me and when I pick out clothes for her or I she always say "Mom thats so cute!" and lately we have been doing alot of swimming and I normal get my towel and lay out by the pool and here comes Tannon with her towel spreads it out and then layout right by me and says " Mom I layout", also the other day she brought me my nail polish box and said " Mom paint my toes" and then she will go around all day and say "My toes are so cute." Ok one more thing when we were at church on sunday she was throwing a fit casue she wanted to go shopping and kept saying "Mom, Dad I go shopping." All I have to say is David is in trouble, he already has problems with me and my shopping habits and now Tannon, Sorry Babe!! Well enough of my long post.