Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Ashley and I at Eclipse, we decided to do Harkins Twilight Trilogy and we had so much fun, it was my first time doing something likes this, plus I don't think I have stayed up till 2:30 am in a very long time but I had a blast. The movie was awesome:)

(and yes we are wearing Team Edward shirts, even though I love Jacob just as much)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New House

Its Offical David and I are Homeowners, and we are super excited! We signed all the papers Friday morning before we left to the Cabin for the 4th!

We arent moving in for another month though, we are wanting to paint, tile and redo the backyard before we move in. Tannon is also so excited we went out there with her like a week ago and she was super excited about her new room, now she asks me almost everyday when she can pack her room to move. I will post picture of the inside, when we move in.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New York June 2010

Here is my New York trip, finally! Well in June David, Me, and his family went to New York because Davids oldest brother Jeff was graduating from Vet School, what a huge accomplishment, we are all so proud of him. We got to do a lot of sight seeing while we were there, it was my first time ever in New York, so I of course had a blast.

David and I at Time Square

I could not believe how many people live and visit New York, and it was so fast paced, which I like because that's how I am and I loved walking everywhere, but I did not like the subways, they were super nasty and we even saw rats in them.

Took this picture for Tannon!

We went on a Bus tour and I could not believe this man, all dressed up, green colored hair and posing on the side of the street, thinking he is Hot stuff, it was super funny!

David and I at "Top of the Rock"

It was such a pretty view!

"Top of the Rock" again!

Time Square at night, it was so fun, its amazing how bright it is at midnight!

David and I went to Central Park, I think that was my favorite, it was so beautiful and green!

We just walked around and then would find a nice place to sit and relax and then walk some more. I seriously loved all the walking around in New York!

More of Central Park!

David and I went to "The Empire State" building one night at like 10 o' clock, it was fun to look at everything from up high at night, so many lights, after we went to get ice cream in Time Square, I don't think we got home till almost 1 that night!

And David and I at Jeff's graduation, it was a neat ceremony!

Jeff and Davids Dad walking to there seats.

Our last night we went to Dave and Busters, that was a lot of fun, I have always wanted to go to the one in Tempe but never got chance, its was a fun place.
One of the days we also went to the King Tut Exhibit, which that was so interesting to see, I love learning new things that happened so so long ago, we weren't allowed to take pictures, so that's why no picture of that!
Well we had an awesome time in New York with Davids family, I for sure would like to go there again but maybe a little longer next time!