Thursday, September 18, 2008

Here it goes.....

So David had his first interview for dental school today at ASTU which is in Arizona, this is the school we are hoping for, so cross your fingers! David came home very excited and really was impressed with the school and the environment. I know he did an awesome job cause he is so smart and very good with other people. I told him that I bet he was the hottest candidate there for sure, doesn't he look handsome? I just want David to know how much I love him and how proud I am for all that he does and for how far he has come, and that I will be here for him and support him in anything he does. He truly is the most loving, caring, smart, intelligent and handsome man I could ever ask for in a husband. I want to also thank him for always making time for Tannon and I, he is always so busy with school, homework and work and he still manages to make time for us. He is such and awesome husband and good Dad to Tannon. Babe I love you so much, you make me so proud.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Anderson Baby #2

So yep we are expecting Baby #2 and we are so excited and can't wait! I am due in March sometime, I have gotten like 3 different due dates for March sometime, so I am just saying the middle to the end of March. I am just so excited I am going to be big during the winter, I was big with Tannon in the summer and I hated it. I would post a picture of my belly, but I am not even showing at all yet, so I will wait till I actually have a belly to post, with Tannon I didnt really get a belly till I was almost 5 months. I am just hoping this pregnancy is just as easy as it was with Tannon, so far its pretty much the same, except for I am always tired, like I could sleep all day and still be tired when I wake up and I dont really crave anything, I just know that the smell of any kind of meat cooking makes me so sick, its wierd but I drink more then I eat. Well we are so excited and hoping and praying its a boy.