Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween:)

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween, I hope everyone has a good night trick or treating.

My Mom got the kids these cute Halloween P.js and I took a picture of them last night in them and thought I would share it.

And the below pictures are of the kids playing yesterday, Im so glad that they already like playing together, they have so much fun when they play, they just laugh so hard at each other. Their new thing lately is climbing in and out of the table between the chairs and they laugh the whole time.

Barrett and his big smile.

And last night David and I finally celebrated our Anniversary, we got my parents to watch the kids and we went out to Olive Garden, I had not been there in forever and it was so good. Then to work off some of our food, so we could go out for dessert too, we walked around Best Buy looking for a new camera, we decided it is time for an up graded camera. Then we were going to go to the cheesecake factory for dessert but decided to try Freddy's Frozen Custard instead, which it was pretty good so I recommend everyone to try it. We had a good night together. I love you so much David!

When we got home from our night out, I forgot to take one well we were out!

And then finally what I made and gave David for our Anniversary.
I made him a book of some special memories we have had together. I know its a girl thing to give a guy but he liked it, and its so fun to look back on memories.

Again, I love you babe! And everyone Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Neighborhood Carnival/ Dance Halloween party

Last night we went to our Wards Neighborhood Halloween Carnival, it was super cold but we had alot of fun, Tannon didn't really want to play any of the games cause she was so cold, but she still had fun!

Tannon was a Daddy's girl all night, I guess cause he is bigger and she could snuggle up to him and keep warm.

Barrett snuggled up in the carseat, I think we all wanted to be his shoes, nice and warm!

Daddy and Tannon fishing for some candy.

Bean Bag Toss, she got one bag in and she was so happy.

David Parents Ward was also having a party too, so we decided to head over there for a bit.

Tannon eating as fast as she can so she can ride the ponies.

David and I were so surprised she got on the pony. She had so much fun riding them, that she got to ride them twice.

Her second time on the ponies.

Today at Dance class, all the girls got to wear there costumes and bring a treat to share, all the little girls looked so cute, and it was so fun to watch them.

Working on their Christmas Recital Dance

Waiting to pass out their treats they brought.

All the little girls in her Dance class!

Now she is at Preschool they got to wear their costumes to school too and bring a treat to share. Tannon was so excited to wake up and pass her treats out today!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

4 Years!!!

Today is David and I's Anniversary, I can't believe it has been 4 years and we have two kids. I just wanted to tell David how much I love him and that I am looking forward to many many more years with him, I am so lucky to have a husband like him, he such a hard worker, he is always thinking of our family, he always knows how to make me smile and he is such a wonderful dad, our kids love you so much! I love you Babe and Happy Anniversary!

P.S. I couldn't find any recent pictures of us, so I used wedding pics, obviously alot happens in 4 years if your wondering why we look so different. I will post more about our anniversary later we are celebrating over the weekend and I wanted to show everyone what I made him but I haven't given it to him yet, so hang in there!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Its been awhile...

Well the past few weeks have been busy busy, so sorry its been over a month since my last post, so here is a major long post. Here are some pictures of what has been going on.

First Tannon turned 3 on October 14th, I can't believe I have a 3 year old, crazy!
This year we had a friend party for her and then a family party.

This is my awesome cake I made for her for the family party, I am pretty proud of it!

She got embrassed when we sang Happy Birthday, so I guess covering her eyes helped.

yep a 6 layer cake!

We got her a bounce house for her birthday, she loved it so much!

Chillin out with Aunt Michelle and Uncle Shawn

jumping with Grandpa

Opening presents, she got alot of great stuff.

Uncle Daniel got her, her first bow, so she was pretty excited she could go hunting with her Dad now.

Dad showing her how it works.

And here is Barrett he is 7 months old and yep he can crawl, but know I really have to watch him cause he gets into everything.

One of Tannons favorite things to do, ride on papas back and pretend he is a horse.

Now for the friend party!

Tannon had alot of fun with all her friends, so thanks to everyone that could come! I felt bad for the kids though cause I thought it would be nice outside and not hot but it was so hot, their poor faces were red.

We decided to open presents inside so everyone could cool off!

Thanks everyone for the great gifts, she loves them all!

Some of the kids watching Tannon open presents, even Barrett sittin there watching.

And last here are some picture that Uncle Peter took of the kids a few days ago, they turned out super cute! I cant believe how much my kids have grown.

I hope you enjoyed the super long post!