Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Zoo Trip and Swimming

So we decided to take Tannon to the Zoo for the first time for Memorial Day, we all had alot of besides the fact that it was way busy.

Tannon loved looking at the goats but did not want to touch them at all, but thats ok cause I didnt want to touch them either.

Tannon and David coming out of the petting zoo.

Tannon and I posing by the big elephant!

Tannon riding on Daddy's shoulders.

So After the Zoo, Tannon went down for a nap and I went to the store to get ready for our BBQ and I when I was there I saw this fun pool and I got it cause I thought it would be fun for her when she woke up to swim in it well we had our BBQ outside.

It was a little cold but it will be better the next day, but she still liked it alot!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Crystals' Birthday The Big 22

Happy Birthday and Happy Mothers Day Crystal. This is part of my present to my wife and I hope she likes it. We had a birthday party for Crystal yesterday and had all the family get together for the party. Check out the pics. I gave her a a bed set like a comforter sheets and all that stuff i even picked it out. (if you buy that i got some other stuff to sell you) Friday night we went out to Famous Daves For dinner only to have it cut short by a guy in a pig costume freaking out Tannon. Not just scaring her but she was having a nervous meltdown we actually had to leave in the middle of dinner. Stupid Pig-rib tips don't taste as good the next day. For Mothers Day today I woke up and made her breakfast and gave her a little present that she had been wanting. So I guess all this makes me a good husband right? Happy Birthday and mothers day babe me and Tannon Love you and we hope your birthday and mothers day were great.

Oh geez i can't believe i just posted a blog thing