Saturday, February 14, 2009


Tannon posing with her Valentine ladybug she got for Valentines Day, she was so excited to see all her Valentine goodies David and I got for her this morning. Tonight we are going to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner and I am so excited. I hope everyone has a wonderful love day!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Well the husband was away

In my last post I told everyone that David was going hunting over the weekend and that I was having a girls weekend filled with craft, movies and yummy food. Ok so here is what I did. Friday for lunch Tannon and I went out to lunch with my mother in law and sister in law, Michelle, we went to Mimis cafe, I had never been there but it was pretty good. Then later that night Tannon and I went out to dinner with my Mom, Aunt and Cousin Ashley to Costa Vida, I was so excited to go there cause I had been craving there yummy salads, then we went to the new frozen yogurt place right down from Costa Vida, that place was ok! After we came home and watched a movie called "Clue", then called it a night. Saturday morning I took Tannon over to my mother in laws cause for Christmas my mother in law signed me up for a class at Scrapbook etc, so I went to the class and I had so much fun and I made this cool project

I learned so much in that class and I can't wait to sign up for more classes. Thanks Marci for signing up with me, I had alot of fun. Then later that night my mom, Tannon and I were running earned, so we could start our crafts and here is what we did Saturday night, I got this cute project idea from Marci, thanks Marci for sharing the idea.

I had another project I was making but it is not done yet, the husband came home early, so I didn’t get to finish it but I will post pictures of it later. I had a really fun weekend but I am glad David is home now, I sure did miss him, oh and his hunting trip was not very successful but he says he had fun and that it was very cold.

And here is picture of the bumper I made for the crib. Please note: this is my first major sewing project all by myself and then I also made some burp clothes, I was pretty happy with the way thoughs turned out.

Well thats what I have been up to lately, I have been in a crafty mood lately so I hope you can put up with the many craft I will be posting.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Update on Us and a 32 week pic

Ok so I haven't posted in awhile because we haven't really been up to much. The only change is David has started another semester of school and then he will be graduating in May with his Bachelor's in Applied Biology and Tannon and I are very proud of him. David also has a hunt this weekend which he is very excited for cause he has been in need of a little break cause he works so hard. And well he is gone Tannon and I are having a girls weekend, it is going to be filled with shopping, lunch dates, the park , crafts, movies and getting read for this baby or at least some what ready, seeing we don't really have anything for him, oh wait I did make him a bumper for his crib, that was very stressful for me to make, I will post pictures of it when I get it set up in the crib, it turned out pretty good for it being one of the first few things I have ever sewed with no ones help. But so far every is good and happy and I hope everyone else is doing good:)
32 weeks!
And today I am 32 weeks, exciting only 8 more weeks to go, to me it still seems so far way. But so far everything is going good and no changes. I went to the doctor last week and the baby is growing and healthy and the doctor said he is already in the right position with his head down which is good. I am still not getting much sleep at night but I am kinda used to it by now. As far as baby names we are still leaning towards the name Barrett but we have no idea for a middle name yet. And here is a picture of my huge belly, sorry the picture is not very good I tried taking it by myself using the timer, but its better then nothing, I guess!