Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nothing much going on!

So I have been trying to think of something I could post so that when I go to my blog I dont have to see Tannons poor face but I have no new pictures, we have just had random things going on. As for Tannons eyes she looks like Tannon again, they have pretty much healed all the way but she does still have a little indention in her forehead now. On a not so exciting note the Bishop called us like a week ago and wanted to meet with us and yep guess what we have to give a talk in church and I am so freaking nervous, I hate talking in church, but at least we got a pretty good topic. So wish us luck. David starts school on Monday so he has been trying to get ready for school and get things organized and he also has been getting ready for his deer hunt, which he is leaving today and not coming home until sunday, and I am going to miss him so much, I just hope he gets a deer cause he would be so excited. And another exciting thing for our family is David got his first Dental Interview and we are so happy for him and of course its to the school here in Arizona. Yippy!! His Interview is on Sept. 18th and its a 5 hour interview, crazy huh! Tannon and I are very proud of him and we are crossing our fingers for him. Thats all that has been going on with us just living life and its been a pretty relaxed one right too.

Friday, August 8, 2008

My Poor Girl

So on Monday night Tannon was running with one of my brothers golf clubs and then all of a sudden we hear her hit the tile, she had tripped over the golf club and hit her head.

This picture is Monday, it doesn't really show how bad it was, seriously her bump was like an inch above her head. Of course David kept calm during all this but as for me I was freaking out and crying. We didn't take her in to the doctor cause David said she would be fine. So we took her to see his dad and he said she would be ok and that she just popped a blood vessel thats why her head was so huge. And of course he was right.

This picture was Wednesday morning, her face was so sad to look at cause it was all swollen and her bruise was going down into her nose and and eyes and it didn't help that when she woke that morning she was getting a cold, so her nose was running. Wednesday I took her to the doctor cause I was worried she had broken her nose cause her eyes and nose were so bruised and swallowen, but the doctor said everything was ok and that when you pop a blood vessel like that it just moves down the face and that her whole face can bruise up, and to just let it run it course and heal.

These picture are from yesterday and so far the bruise is a little gone on her forehead and mainly all in her eyes, her nose is still really swollen. It's so sad to look at her and I can hardly even get mad at her when she does something wrong and if I do get mad at her and make her cry I feel so horrible and I have to cuddle her and tell her how much I love her and that I am sorry for getting mad at her, cause she just looks so sad. Today her face looks pretty much like yesterday but her bruises are really black, I tell her it looks like she is wearing black eye shadow all around her eyes. I just hope she heals soon. She is still my pretty girl though.

Monday, August 4, 2008


So every summer my family goes on a camping trip together normally its a week long but we just decided to do a weekend thing this year. So we left Thursday afternoon and came home Sunday afternoon, Sorry for the major picture overload but I couldn't decide on just a few pictures.

Tannon had to bring her baby Ali and her stroller.

This was on our way to the Fish Hatchery, Tannon rode in the back of the truck with Jessica and she had a blast. The two pictures below are at the Fish Hatchery, I have never seen so many fish before and man there were some huge fish too.

On the way back we stopped at the creek to play in the water, Oh my gosh the water was freezing, but it didn't seem to bother Tannon much, she loved playing in the water.

After a long day on Friday with no naps, I was holding Tannon and she just passed out cold, poor girl.

Tannon chilling on the car waiting for dinner to be done, she was eating Taffy and that makes a horrible mess when your camping.

David and I hanging out by the fire, that is one of my favorite parts about camping when you get to relax and talk by the fire.

My parents brought a TV with a DVD player and the kids would watch movies in the car at night, while the adults talked around the fire and played games, thats another one of my favorite things to do while I am camping, playing games.

The boys talking around the fire.

On Saturday David, Tannon and I took a walk to the creek again to get some excerise cause seriously when you are camping you snack so much. I felt like I gained 10lbs the first day. So it was nice to go on a walk.

Us at the Creek!

On the way back David found a tree that fell, he decided to cross it with Tannon, and I was freaking out until they made it across safe.

When we got back we loaded up to go quading and to shoot the bows. And Tannon could not wait to ride the quad.

So the boys shot the bows and they were competing on who was better then the girls had a competion ourselves but didn't shoot as far as the boys, My Aunt and I tied but when we had our tie breaker she won.

By our campground there was a tree swing, so we all went down to try it out, Tannon freaked out and she wouldn't even sit on the stick. As you can see in the picture below she is freaking out.

Theres me it took me awhile to trust the swing to hold me, but I did it.

David and Tannon riding the quads one last time before they get loaded up.

This was Sunday when we were packing up to head home and Tannon was ready to go.

Well we are home and it was so nice to sleep in our own beds last night, take a shower and just be home, dont get me wrong we had a blast camping but it was just time to be home. Oh and to make coming home even better I had a package waiting for me at the door and guess what was in it my book "Breaking Dawn" So far the book is awesome.