Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What we have been up to.....

Here are a few things new in our family, we haven't really been doing much but for some reason our days are not long enough and they are busy, busy.

Well last Saturday Barrett got his first haircut, he did really good, better then i thought, but he kept turning his head to find what was making the noise from the clippers.

He also kept trying to eat the cape the whole time. This kid sees something bright and colorful and it goes straight in his mouth.

And here is the handsome boy with his new haircut.

Then I took Barrett for his 4 month check-up yesterday, 4 months I can't believe it! Well we have a skinny and tall boy, he weighed 14 lbs and in the 39% for that and then he was 29.5 in. tall which put him in the 95% for that and he is healthy, healthy.
The doctor said we could start him on rice cereal so for afternoon lunch we tried it, to my surprise he really liked it, i didnt think he would like it,cause he does not like anything but his bottle.

This was him when I couldn't get his next bite fast enough to hi,, poor thing!

Then on Sunday my Aunt came to town and my mom, Aunt and I made a few different crafts we had 5 we wanted to make but we only finished 3, so here they are:

I know its not Spring anymore but we saw this Spring banner and loved it, so we had to make it. This project took us almost two days.

Some other things we have been up to that I dont have pics of but I can tell you about are, David has been busy, busy studying for his DAT he is taking on Tuesday and he has been working on getting his Application ready for Dental School. I went with my In-laws, Michelle and Peter to see Wicked last thursday and it was awesome I really enjoyed it. I also have been working really hard training for this run my cousin and I are doing in November. My Family got my brothers release letter from his mission pres. and he is released on November 17th which is so exciting, I can't hardly wait. And Tannon and I have been going swimming like 3 times a week, I am trying to work on her swimming, I havent been able to find a swim teacher for her yet, so I am just trying to teach her a bit on my own. Tannon also goes to the movies once a week, we are doing the 10 movie thing at Harkins this summer, she really looks forward to Tuesdays when she gets to go. Well that all thats going on right now, we are going camping next week so that will probably be my next post, unless something something excited happens,so until then:)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July weekend!

We went to the Cabin again but this time we went for 4th of July weekend with Davids family, this is our 2nd year going to Heber for the weekend happening for the 4th. They have so much in Heber during the 4th and its so much fun, they have a parade, carnival and awesome fireworks. So here are some pics from our weekend.

Here is Tannon at the Parade on Saturday, we got her, her own chair to sit in this year, which she was excited for.

And our Barrett at the Parade, he had a hard time at the Parade it was way to hot for him.

Everyone watching the Parade my parents were up at my aunts in Snowflake so they decide to come down to Heber for the Saturday events.

Tannon and I and then Barrett and I

Then us walking to the Carnival a few hours after the Parade

Tannon playing some of the games at the Carnival. She had alot of fun with the games and she won a stuffed animal fish and shark and she got tonz of prize tickets so at the end of the day she got to pick tonz of prizes.

After the Carnival everyone went back to the cabin for games, BBQ and to relax before the fireworks.

Here is our happy boy, he is just starting to grab things so he is so fun to play with right now.

And here is our nature girl, she loves to be outside,so thats where she was most of the time outside hiking, throwing rocks and chasing the dogs.

This was Barrett most of the time after the Parade, the sun really did a number on him.

David and I

Chillin outside!

David feed Barrett a marshmallow, he was loving the marshmallow, which is funny cause normally he doesnt like anything but formula.

And time for the Fireworks, this was our first year as a family to watch the fireworks, it was just David, Me, Tannon and Barrett, of course slept the whole time. We had a good time together.

The Fireworks were awesome as always, I tried to take some picture of them but they didnt really turn out.

Here is a few.

Well that was our weekend we had alot of fun and did alot of relaxing. I can't wait till next year. I hope everyone had a good 4th!