Saturday, October 16, 2010

David's White Coat Ceremony

October 1st was Davids White Coat Ceremony and Davids parent and I were able to go, its a pretty neat Ceremony they have for all the soon to be health care professionals. The White Coat Ceremony is a rite of passage for students, it signifies the students initiation into the clinical phase of education and toward their career. The White Coat placed on each future health care provider is not just a lab coat, it is a cloak of caring, compassion and service. So it was pretty neat experience for davids parents and I to watch David get his white coat.

All the Dental students in Davids class.

David gave us a little tour of the school, this is his station in the SIM clinic.

David has been working so hard in school and I am so proud of him.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Michelle's Baby Shower

My sister in law Stephanie and I put together a baby shower for our sister in law Michelle in September. She is having a girl, and is naming her Emma and she is due October 16th and we are all super excited to meet her, she is going to be one spoiled girl. the shower was a success and everything turned out really good.

Michelle is the one in the middle, ya I know she doesn't even look pregnant,she is so tiny, compared to me and my whale of body when im 8 months pregnant:)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

First Day of Preschool

Tannon started preschool on August 11th, she loves it so much. Tannon has meet lots of new friends, but her best friend at school is a little girl named Tailor, Tannon is always talking about her. Tannons teachers name is Mrs. Carrie, and she is so great with the kids and they are always doing some fun things, Tannon loves her!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Every year my side of the family plans a camping trip right around my Dads birthday, so we headed to Forest Lakes the last weekend in July. We look forward to our once a year camping trip, since thats the only camping trip we get each year! This year it did rain alot so it did put a damper on the trip, but we still made the most of it.

Riding the quad with Papa.

The kids favorite thing to do was ride the quads, so they were always finding someone to take them on a ride!
While the boys went out shooting the girls and kids took a drive to Black Canyon Lake.
Watching the people fish, but then after a bit we decided to let the kids stick their feet in the water, they had a blast!
I was surprised they even wanted to touch the water cause the water was so cold.
My happy boy!

We had a good time, I always like being with the family! We did have to leave a day earlier then planned seeing our tent got flooded from rain, but until next year!

Yes I have been a total slacker with the whole blog thing but I did move and we just got internet on Monday, thats a good excuse, right?? Well anyways now for some major catch up!

So back in July my friend Katie and I took our kids to the Young Chef Academy to take a cooking class, we thought it would be a fun summer activity since preschool, dance and swim were over! Well the kids loved it and they had a good time together.

The kids trying out what they made. They got to make teddy bear biscuits and homemade strawberry jam!

Courtney, Colton and Tannon getting ready to get started, you can tell they look a little nervous.

It was a neat place, I suggest you try it out, cause the kids loved it!