Monday, November 28, 2011

Indoor Golfing with Friends

A couple of months ago back toward the end of the summer, Brett and Janeal invited us to go indoor golfing with them, I had never been and was curious as to how it worked and I have to say it was pretty cool, we got to golf Pebble Beach, how lucky were we??
Me, I sure sucked it up, but I am learning:)

and Brett!

We had a lot of fun, but we always have fun with Brett and Janeal. They are awesome friends!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Visit from the Tooth fairy!

In August Tannon lost her first tooth, she was so fun, David told me her two front bottom teeth were loose and of course she didn't know what was going on so we explained to her that her teeth are going to fall out and she is going to get her big girl teeth, and then we told her all about the tooth fairy, after that I never have seen her go through so much emotion she was scared, nervous, sad but then excited and could wait. Well the very next day she lost one of her teeth and she was so excited for the tooth fairy to visit and to put her tooth under her pillow and she was so happy she woke up and her tooth was gone and she had money, then that morning at breakfast she lost the other tooth that was loose. What a lucky girl she was to have the tooth fairy visit two nights in a row! The next day she had to go to school but was kinda nervous cause she said the kids would make fun of her but after a lot of tears and explaining that all kids loose their teeth and maybe a little bribery she went to school and had a good day!
This is when she lost the first one. I took a picture with my phone when she lost the other one but I don't know how to get pictures off my phone.

You can tell how far behind I am on my blog because here she has two missing teeth and now her big girl teeth are already all grown in!