Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Newport Beach and Disneyland

So after Barrett's procedure we headed to Cali for a much needed vacation. The kids in the car on our way to Newport, California.
So we got to Cali pretty late on Tuesday so we went straight to bed once we got to the beach house seeing we were going to be at Disneyland all day the next day.
So the first day we headed to California Adventures and the very first ride we took Tannon on was The Tower of Terror which was a big mistake because she didn't want to ride any rides after that and she just kept asking to go home, but she relaxed a bit throughout the day.
Walking out of Tower of Terror we saw Chip and Dale and I was very surprised Tannon gave them hugs because she normally doesn't like the whole character thing walking around.
Family picture by Tower of Terror
My happy boy hanging out with Grandma
So after the Tower of Terror we decided to take it easy and do all the simple kid rides.

The kids sitting waiting for us to figure out what we wanted to do in Disneyland, we didn't stay at California Adventures very long because they didn't have much kid rides.
Taking a break!
The kids loved the buzz ride.

The kids were so excited to just ride the carousel and when we would ask what ride they wanted to ride next they would say the carousel:) It probably would have been cheaper to just take them to the mall if thats all they wanted to do:)
Tannon and Minnie Mouse!
Family picture with Pluto! Barrett was not to sure about Pluto!
Our second day in Disneyland!
The Safari ride! The kids really enjoyed this ride because they both love animals!

The Nemo ride! This ride made me nervous, first of all there is hardly any space and they fit so many people in there and plus I am manager claustrophobic, so I couldn't wait for this ride to be over.

We needed a break from walking around so we decided to take the train that goes around the park for a couple of laps.

Daddy with the kids on the tea cup:) Barrett didn't like this ride very much!
And the last ride of the day the Dumbo ride! We did so much more but I didn't seem to take that many pictures. I am not a very good picture taker. We did have like 6 churros in one day and I think I ate most of them, I think that was my favorite part:)
And the rest of the time we just hung out on the beach since it was right out our back door! The kids loved going on walks with Papa they would bring back so many sea shells.

Barrett was loving the beach but just playing in the sand, he is not a water boy!

Everyone hanging out on the beach, the kids loved it!

Tannon had fun playing on the beach, my sister in law Stephanie's sisters came and hung out with us one of the days and they brought their kids so Tannon was loving playing with other kids!
Isn't this such a cute picture, I love it!
Well we had an awesome time and it was so nice to get away from our regular routine. I can't wait to go back again, I'm thinking I want to make the beach annual thing.