Monday, August 31, 2009

What I made:

On Saturday I took a Class at Scrapbook etc. with my Sister in law, Michelle and this is what we made, it was alot of fun and I learned alot of new things, some of the flowers were a little frustrating to make but it all turned out and I love it. You will have to check the classes out at Scrapbook etc they have alot of fun and new classes coming up that I am taking.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

San Deigo Trip

So a few weekends ago we went to San Diego with Davids Parents. We had alot of fun we went to Seaworld and played at the beach, Tannon had never been to neither so it was a fun experience for her and it was exciting to see expressions towards things. Well I took tonz of pictures so here is just a few.

This was our first day at Seaworld!


The Wild Arctic Tour

Touching the Star fish, I was surprised she actually touched it.

She didn't want to take a picture by the Starfish so she is showing me her grouchy face

Eating Popcorn and watching the Shamu night show!

The Next day at Seaworld

She was so scared to take a picture with Shamu.

Family picture by the Manatee

The Shark Interaction Tour

Waiting to watch the Elmo 4-D Show, I had to leave in the middle of it though cause Tannon freaked out.

Papa Anderson and Tannon checking out the Flamingos

Watching the day time Shamu show, all the shows were so amazing!

I think these whales are so awesome, and it is so amazing for how big they are and what they can do, wow!

The Elmo play area!

Playing at the Beach

Tannon loved playing in the sand but she hated the water she refused to go anywhere close to the water

I love the Beach so much, one day I am going to go to the Beach for a whole week and just lay out by the beach, heaven!

And the end of out trip, we had lots fun and it was nice to getaway for a weekend, I was so happy to come home and see Barrett, I missed him so much!

First Day of Preschool

Yesterday was Tannons first day of Preschool, she was super nervous about going cause she knew that I was taking her but that I was leaving and was not going to be there with her, but when we got there she did really good, once she saw the other kids, she didnt even notice that I left. I think she is the youngest in the class but David and I really want her to get in 2 years of Preschool before Kindergarden, hey its never to early to start your childs education. It was so cute when I picked her up yesterday the first thing she said to me was "Mom, I missed you so much!" I have to say I was lost without her at home, I didnt know what to do. Well I hope she does good the rest of the year. I will give updates.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Super Giveaway!!!

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Camping 09

So last Wednesday to Saturday we went camping with my whole family up at Black Canyon Lake, we had a good time, here are a few pictures of our camping trip!

Our camp site, you cant see our tent but it was off to the left a little more, it was nice the kids slept in the trailer with my Mom and Dad, so I knew they were safe and warm.

My goofy husband

Tannon with Jessica sitting around the fire!

My pretty girl!

We celebrated my Dads birthday well we were up there, he is 49 holy cow!

David and Barrett by the fire!

And Tannon and I, ya this isnt a very good picture but it was the only one of Tannon and I

Our Wednesday night fire, it feels so good sitting around a fire when its cold!

I love this picture of Barrett, He looks just like David in this picture, dont you think?

Chillin with Dad

Ya Tannon thought it was so much fun collecting leafs and grass, it kept her pretty busy.

Tannon and David went on lots of quad rides, I cant believe she loves quads still after her accident at Papas house.

Tannon and Daddy!

Barrett hanging out with Grandpa!

Finally napping! Barrett had a hard time falling asleep , so I was super excited when he finally gave in!

And Tannon watching a "Bug's Life" she had never seen that movie and now its her favorite movie!

And me with my sweet boy, he such a happy baby, I love it!

Tannon helping Dad dig a hole for our under ground dutch oven dinner!

Tannon and Jessica in the back of the truck, we were on our way to go to a big water hole to find snakes, but we had no luck!

Roasting marshmallows for smores

Barrett and I around the fire!

Just chilling, hanging out with everyone.

And here I am taking Tannon on a quad ride.

My Mom gave Barrett and Ritz cracker and he was loving it!

Tannon helping Grandma make Hot chocolate for everyone!

And the boys Annual Bow competition, and yep David won!

Well we had a good time and we got to relax alot, we played lot of games and we went on lots of hikes which was nice, cause I didnt ruin my goal of working out everyday! We had alot of fun, but we were super excited to come home on Saturday and take a shower!