Tuesday, August 16, 2011

25th Birthday

Yes I know my birthday was in May and its September but better late then never, right! I have a lot of catching up to do, so please bare with me!

My Birthday was awesome as always. My brother Daniel made me an ice cream pie and it was to die for, Mint and Oreo my favorite! My Family sure did spoil me and I got a lot of fun things! I am so thankful to have family and friends in my life, they are truly the greatest gift.

Easter 2011

Easter morning the kids finding their Easter baskets. You can tell they were both still tired, we have early church so we had to wake up a bit early.

The kids in their Sunday Easter outfits. They are so cute!
My parents did a Easter hunt for the kids. So here are the kids taking off!
Barrett looks so excited!
Looking for eggs! Barrett was just picking up any egg but Tannon was looking for the money eggs, what a smart girl.
Tannon asked me to take this picture, she said "Mom take a picture of me posing to pick up this egg?" She is too funny!

Barrett got bored after a bit and just sat in the sand box and started opening his eggs to eat the candy. We had our friends Brett and Janeal join us for Easter at my parents too, we had a lot of fun. We had yummy food and played volleyball, egg toss, balloon toss and other outside games. I love spending time with family and friends.

Zoo field trip

Towards the end of the school year Tannon's class took a field trip to the Wild life zoo. I had been wanting to take the kids, so it was fun to go finally. Tannon wanted to invite her Grandma's and she was excited they could come. Uncle Christopher was on break from school and he was able to come too!
All the kids in her class!
Aunt Stephanie and Krew were able to come too!
Looking at the animals

Mrs. Carrie and the kids in Tannon's class.
It was so crazy that there was just one rope between you and the Kangaroos.

There was a baby bobcat, it was so cute!
Here is a baby lion too!

The white tiger was my favorite, they are so beautiful.

So my camera died right at the beginning of the day so these are all the pictures I took. The zoo was so much fun! Tannon got to ride on some rides and feed the giraffes, the giraffes lick the food right out of your hands which is pretty crazy. We had lots of fun.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Service Project

A couple of months ago, I want to say about March sometime, my brother was down from school and he wanted to do a service project so he found this lady that was putting together an exhibit at a farm and needed lots of trees and bushes planted for it, so I thought I would be a nice sister and help him out, we had a lot of fun but hard work digging holes, plus I learned a lot about taking care of plants in Arizona and the correct way to plant them. Also you always feel good doing service for others.

Having Fun

A couple of months ago my other kids came to visit, the reason I call them my other kids is because I babysat them for about three year Morgan was 2 and cooper was 2 months when I started watching them and so they were like my own kids, I love them so much. They moved about a year ago to New Mexico and I have missed them so much, especially Tannon, so it was so good to see them.

The kids love play-doh I think they have like every accessory for play-doh so David and I are always get yummy play-doh food made for us to eat.