Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Family time at the park!

So Sunday afternoon we decided to take Tannon to Freestone to look and feed the ducks, so we took some dog buns and sat and feed the ducks for like an hour we all had fun and Tannon was really loving the ducks, it was the frist time she had feed ducks. It was really nice to get out on sunday and spend time together just the three of us. It also was nice to get Tannons mind off being sick cause this whole weekend she was really grouchy, oh wait she is still grouchy:)

I love seeing David and Tannon together it makes me so happy cause Tannon loves her dad so much and he doesn't get to see her very much cause of school and work, he will go days with out really spending time with her so it was nice for him to take a break from homework on sunday and spend time with us, he such a wonderful husband and dad.

I can't wait to scrapbook this picture cause I think it is so cute with the both of them!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day! Tannon helped me make heart sugar cookies and frost them so that we could take the cookies and valentine cards to Grandpa and Grandma Anderson. She was such a big help, she defenitly has become my little helper!

Later that night David took me to my most favorite place for Dinner Olive Garden, I have been craving that place for a long time and then after we went to see "Fools Gold" at Harkins, that was a really good movie. We had alot of fun together on our Valentines Date! Thanks to Grandpa and Grandma Coley for watching Tannon for us:)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Well I was helping david get ready for his hunting trip, to keep Tannon busy I put her in her booster seat and let her color! She loves to color that is her thing she loves to do and it keeps her busy for quite awhile!

We decided to write Uncle Christopher on her picture she colored, so we can send it to him in his next box we send out! She looks so cute coloring, she is my little princess:)

I can't believe how much she looks like david in these pictures, but thats a good thing! She is like her dad in alot of things she does!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Our Trip to Snowflake!

Here are some picture from out trip. This Us with my cousin Jessica! We took a trip to Snowflake to attend Jessica's baptism, it was nice being there for her and to see her happy face when she came out of the water. It is so amazing how fast kids grow up, it seems like just yesterday I went to see her at the hospital when she was born. It was also nice to go cause we got to spend time with family we don't get to see very much. I have to say I love family, family is so important to me.

This is America's Next top Model, she looked so cute posing in Ashley's boots! Tannon loves shoes most of all she loves shoes that are to big for her, she likes wearing all my high heels. She must get her love of shoes from me:)

This is Ash and I rocking out to Guitar Hero, We all loved staying up late a playing that game, its awesome! Everyone needs to play that game! I think I am going to throw a Guitar Hero party cause I think that would be fun!

Tannon and Jeesica! Well we were in Snowflake Jessica became Tannons little mom. It was to funny Tannon just loved Jessica, Tannon wanted nothing to with me she wanted Jessica to feed her, give her snack and drink when she wanted, she wanted her to get her dressed and Jessica was loving it, was like the sister she never had.