Monday, January 9, 2012

Tannon turned 5!

Tannon turned 5, October 14th we had her party the 15th at Grandma and Papa Anderson house, and Tannon wanted a Cowgirl party so thats what I tried to do:)
Tannon by the dessert table, we had cowgirl cake, cookies, cupcakes and cake pops.
And we didn't tell her that she had a pony coming to her party, she was so surprised. It was hard keeping the secret from her but it was worth it cause her face when she saw the pony was priceless. Papa Anderson had a client that has ponies and he set the whole thing up for Tannons party, so a a huge thank you so Papa and Grandma Anderson:)

The pony was so cute, its name was skittles!

The kids were able to feed and ride the pony. They were loving it!

Tannons cake thanks to my Sister in law Stephanie and friend Perla for helping me with it, it would have turned out with out their help.

Happy Birthday Tannon!

Tannon's party was a success and it turned just how I wanted and Tannon loved it, which is all that matters. I can't believe Tannon is 5, she is growing up so fast. Thanks to everyone who came, we enjoyed having you:)