Friday, March 28, 2008

Tannon missing Uncle Christopher

So the other day Tannon found some picture Chris just sent us and wanted to look at them and every picture she found of him she would give him a kiss, and I thought it was so cute. So I decided to take some pictures of her really quick.

Monday, March 24, 2008

This is our beautiful easter girl, she looked so cute, she looked like a big girl all grown up!

She was so funny when I was taking picutres of her, lately she has been posing for the camera when I take pictures

I love this picture, It shows what a happy girl she is!

She was dancing during this picture, the one thing she loves most is dancing! This easter was the best easter so far, I love my family so much and I love spending time with them. David and Tannon are the world to me!


So I took pictures of her easter basket before she got in her easter basket but I lost the pictures, but this is Tannon playing with stuff she got in her easter basket. Some of the things she got was(3 outfits, shoes, sidewalk chalk, Mrs. Potatoe Head, the new 101 dalmations movie, she got a really pink fish to put in the fish tank, she got a plastic golf set and then just the normal candy and eggs
She was so excited about her easter basket, in this picture it looks like she got in trouble or something but she didn't. I love easter now that I have a little girl to spoil on easter.

After church we had the Sanchez's come over and we had an egg hunt, easter dinner and we played games like volleyball, bat mitten, and a ballon toss, we all had so much fun. Tannon was reaaly good with the egg hunt she got alot of eggs.

In our family we have no little kids except Tannon so this year we made everyone hunt but all had awesome time, we had golden eggs out with money and Grandma, Ashley and Daniel found them.

Busy Weekend

So this weekend was pretty busy for our family. Friday night we had a wedding rehearsal dinner for Michelle, Daivds sister and then right after that we had to go get David some black pants for the next day and also look for a wedding present. After that we took Tannon home and put her to bed, then David and I put on some work clothes and went to work at the Andersons' to help get ready for the big day, The next day we had to be back at the Andersons' at 8:00 in the morning to help finish getting ready. We left there at 12:15 and had to be at the temple for the sealing at 1:00 so we ran home got ready and rushed to the temple. I just have to say it was a wonderful sealing, I have never felt the spirit so strong and Brother Huber the man that did the sealing was so amazing. You could tell you he was speaking from his heart and with the spirit. After, the sealing I had the opportunity to help Michelle get in her wedding dress and put on her veil and I s so excited to be there for her. When we got out of the temple we took pictures of course, and then left the temple at 3:00. We had to finish looking for a present, find shoes for me, get stuff for Shawns' car to decorate it, and of course we had to get something for lunch cause we hadn't eaten anything all day. We had to be back at the Andersons dressed up for pictures at 5 so we had to rushed, rushed we got there right on time, we took pictures and after that we finished doing the last minute things for the wedding receptions at 6:30, I just have to say the reception looked so beautiful and everything just fell together. We left the Andersons that night about 11:00. Sorry for the detailed weekend but it was crazy and I got no pictures. David and I are just so happy for Michelle and I hope she has a wonderful marriage and she enjoys every minute of it and Michelle you were such a beautiful bride.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

So I decided to make this bow/clip board for Tannons room cause she has so many bows and clips and its hard to keep track of them all so I made this. I'm really happy with the way it turned out and it looks so cute in her room. I have been doing different crafts in her room, cause David said I could redecorate her room. I will post pictures of her room when its all done.

Heres want it looks like with some of her bows and clips. The green and pink bow is the newest bow I have made for her for her easter dress.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Tannon's Piggy Bank

So today Grandma came home with some change and let Tannon put in her new piggy bank got for her to match her room. She loves putting the money in her pig, when ever david or I have change we always give it to her to put in her pig. The picture below was the face she would make every time she put a coin in, it was so cute.

Our Weekend at the Cabin

So this weekend we decided to take a weekend trip to the cabin and relax. David and I have been super busy, so it was nice to get away and spend time together.

We put the girls next to eachother in the car. Which was nice cause they entertained eachother when we were driving, but it was funny for some reason they liked to hold hands with eachother, it was way cute!

So Marisa and I thought it would be fun to have a little Easter egg hunt for the girls on Saturday, So Marisa and I hed the eggs and the boys got to come out and help the girls well we took pictures. They were so funny to watch, Tannon got so excited after every eggs she would pick up.

Tannon couldn't wait to go inside and look at her eggs, she knew that there was candy in them.

The girls looking at all there eggs and getting into the candy. When Tannon dumped out her eggs, David couldn't wait to pick out all the candy he wanted, but then again what are dads for. I have to say my dad always did that when we got candy.

Here are the boys playing gutiar hero, I love playing that game, I get way into that game. It was Mark and Marisa's first time playing it so it was fun to watch them play it. It was funny Tannon was dancing to all the songs on Guitar Hero, she loves to dance.

Tannon and Madisyn had so much fun together at the cabin, they got along very well.

My two most precious things in the whole world. My hot husband and my adorable daughter. I just love them so much and I was so happy to spend time with them this weekend and relax.

Sunday morning we got all ready to go on a quad ride but when we went outside it was snowing, so we decided to pack up and leave so that we didn't have to drive in alot of snow. We had alot of fun seeing it snow though, Tannon loved the snow, this was her first time seeing it snow.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Our Family's special day!

Well this morning David, Tannon and I were sealed together as family in the Temple! It was such a wonderful experience and I enjoyed ever minute of it! I love my family so much. David and Tannon mean the world to me. I also want to thank everyone who was able to come to the temple and show there support! It was such a great day for us:)

Look how cute she is on the temple steps!

Fun with Aunt Priscilla

Here are some pictures from Tannons afternoon with Aunt Priscilla. My Aunt came done for out weekend events and asked if on Monday she could take Tannon to a train park in scottsdale and take her out lunch with her Sister in law and her little boy! So they went to the park and then to the Sweet Potatoe for lunch. She said Tannon had a blast, which I bet she did casue she loves being outside!

Can't believe she got on the horse and didn't cry, cause normally she is so freaked out but I am glad she got on!

Tannon's Blessing

On Sunday we blessed Tannon and it was so exciting and I'm so happy all my family and freinds were able to come and show there support! I also am so grateful david was able to bless Tannon, I love him so much and he is the greatest husband and Father, I am also grateful for my little Tannon she is such a wonderful blessing!

My Dad, David, Tannon and David's dad. These are the people who blessed Tannon

Grandma and Grandpa Anderson

Aunt Michelle and Uncle Shawn with Tannon

Uncle Max and Aunt Stephanie with Tannon

Uncle Peter and Tannon. It looks like they are cracking up at a joke or something!

Mark, Marisa and Madisyn with Tannon

My Grandma and Grandpa Shumway with Tannon and I

All the Great Grandma's with Tannon and I

The Sanchez Family with Tannon

and here is four generations (Me, My mom, My Grandma and Tannon)

Here is Tannon and her friend Madisyn, they were so cute Tannon gets so excited to see her, its cute and after the blessing Tannon brought out her baby stroller and decieded to take Madisyn on for a stroll.

Michelle's Bridal Shower

So this last Saturday I put together a Bridal Shower for my sister in law Michelle, It turned out great and alot of people came . It was hard work but we all had alot of fun and she got alot of gifts! I hope she enjoyed it! Congrats Michelle on getting married soon and I love you and hope everything goes well!

Here is the Dessert table!

And here is part of the food table!

Center piece for the Family Room!

And theres Me( The Party Planner)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Play Date at the Park

So Marisa and I decided to plan a play date for the girls! First we went to lunch at Neds and then we took the girls to Freestone to ride some of the rides and feed the ducks and play at the play ground, we thought it would be fun for them. They had alot of fun together they don't really see eachother much and its so cute how well they get along.

Yes so this is the girls freaking out on the Ferris Wheel they were fine at first but then once it started going they freaked out, well I think Tannon got freaked out and then that made Madisyn scared, it was fun and sad at the sametime:)

This is when it wasn't moving, as you can see they are happy!

This when we were leaving Neds on are way to the park they had fun seating next to each other they just screamed and laughed at each other it is way too cute!

It was so hard to take picture of them cause they wouldn't look at the camera they wanted to look at everything else but the camera! There probabaly like that is enough moms:) This is when we were feeding the ducks!

It was way funny they wanted to throw the bread but they would just drop it right in the water in front of them and the ducks were too scared to come that close but they had fun!

Me and my girl, yes she is mad that I took her away from feeding the ducks!

They both look so big its amazing how fast they grew up! Oh and it was so funny when we were at the park we had 2 people ask us if they were twins they look nothing alike and its weird that someone would ask that when they see two little girls and to moms you would think Two moms and two daughter but oh well, it was funny that people thought that:)

This is the girls on the playground they had a lot of fun sliding and swinging, Tannon loves the park, she just loves being outside she is totally an outside girl!

Look how happy she is I love seeing her happy, smiling and laughing!

Madisyn took a stop at the baseball fields to watch the baseball player and Tannon followed her! It was cute they just kept yelling ball at the field.

Then after the park since it was so freaking hot out we took the girls to get an ice cream and ice cold water at Dairy Queen, Ok maybe the ice cream was for me:)

Well that was are fun and exciting day with girls! It was alot of fun to spend the day playing with Tannon, I love being with her and Tannon loved it too cause Madiysn was with her! Well Marisa I think we should make this a monthly event, I had alot of fun!