Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crazy Weekend

It all started Thursday the start of Davids spring break. David had a week and half off from school so we decided to have some fun. Our plans were to head to the cabin Friday and stay till Sunday with our friends Brett and Janeal and then head to Newport Tuesday till Sunday. Well Thursday we headed to Mesa to get somethings for the cabin and to get the key from David parents. Well at Davids parents house the kids were snacking on peanuts, no big deal they love peanuts. Lately though Barrett has been holding his food in his cheeks and so with playing so hard with Papa and Uncle Max he started to choke and of course everyone is freaking out. David patted him on the back and we all thought we saw a peanut come out but afterwards he still had a bit of cough and he would cough so hard he would throw up, he threw up like 5 or 6 times in like and hour but he was acting normal besides that. So we went home to finish packing for the cabin. That night I made sure to keep a close watch on Barrett cause he was still coughing and throwing up but still same old Barrett. The next morning we headed to the cabin and there was no more coughing and throwing up from Barrett. So the day started out pretty good and we were having tonz of fun. Brett and Janeal are from Utah so we were excited to show them around this weekend we had a lot of fun plans. Then the excitement started all day Barrett wasn't eating very much and kinda had a fever so I gave him so Tylenol and put him to bed about 7:30pm and then Tannon followed shortly after. The rest of us stayed up till at least 11 we had bought a puzzle at the walmart in payson and we were addicted and couldn't stop. Well when David and I finally went to bed, I went to feel Barretts head to see if his fever went down and he was burning up and he seemed like he was restless and not breathing very well so about midnight David and I decided to take him to the Emergency room in Show low we thought if we went then we would have everything resolved by morning and could still have a good weekend. Tannon was sleeping so we left her with Brett and Janeal. We got to Show low and we werent waiting for very long but then when we finally got a little room we waited forever, they ran tests, put him on oxygen, and took an xray. We waited forever for the xray results to come in, then finally the doctor came in and said the xray looked like he had an infection in his left lung and looks like it could be pneumonia. Then I dont know why but then we told him about the whole peanut choking thing everything changed. He looked at the xray closer and he said well now everything makes sense. I guess he aspirated peanuts into his left lung and it was causing an infection. And by the time I knew it Barrett and I were riding in an ambulance to the airport then in the smallest airplane ever, I was freaking out especially when the lady says "try to move to much the back seat tips over" So since Barrett was not screaming anymore and getting a breathing treatment and he couldn't even see that I was there I just closed my eyes the whole time. Well we got to the Phoenix airport and there was another ambulance already there waiting for us they switch us over and we were off to Cardon Children Hospital. And I was so grateful that Davids parents and Brother Max was there to meet me when we got to the hospital cause david still had to go to the cabin get tannon and then drive 3 hours and I still didnt really understand what was going on. David brother Max is a nurse there and he was so much help. He helped me understand and he asked the doctor lots of question seeing I was in shock and I dont know any medical stuff so I didn't know what to ask. Well Barrett ended up having to get an endoscopy done to get the peanuts out of his lungs before it could cause more of an infection, the doctor was super nice and friendly and Barrett was such a trooper and he wasn't even crying as much as I thought he would seeing all this was going and he hadnt slept since thursday night. Well they took him back and it was so sad to watch I defiantly shed tears and I think I went pee like 50 times and threw up a bunch since the second we got to the hospital. I knew it would be a simple procedure but still its my sweet baby boy and still David hadn't got there yet. It took about an hour to do the procedure, we all thought it was just one peanut but it ended up being a bunch of tiny pieces so it took the doctor awhile. They called us back after like two hours cause Barrett was having a hard time waking up. Luckily David got there just in time to go back and see Barrett with me, it was so sad to see him laying there. It took him at least another 3-4 hours to fully wake up since we had gotten back there to see him so I just rocked him . Then it took forever to get us a room cause we ended up having to stay the night cause he still was having a hard time breathing without the oxygen plus they were deciding whether to go back in and do the scoop the next day because there was still more peanuts in there that were to deep to get. We finally got a room and Barrett finally woke up all the way when we were transferring rooms. That evening both Grandparents stopped by and our friends Brett and Janeal even came to visit us, even though we ruined there fun, relaxing weekend.

These two pics are at the Show Low Hospital, see how happy he is, even though he hasn't slept in 24! He always has smiles for you no matter how he feels.

This picture was right after the procedure, he looked so tired, he couldn't even hold his eyes open if he tried.
Our happy boy fully awake and in our room finally!

This was the next morning he wanted to get up and walk around cause he had been in a hospital beds for over 24 hours, but he couldn't go far cause he still had his IV in. We were able to go home later that afternoon but we had to go back Monday for checkup with the doctor to see if they need to go back in and they decided to go in and do the procedure again Tuesday morning just to be safe. Which was suppose to be the morning we were leaving to Newport but oh well. So we went in Tuesday and we were done by noon, everything went really well and he has no more peanuts in his lungs. And since everything went so good and we were done so fast we went home packed and left to Newport.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

David and I had our Valentines date the day after Valentines, we went to dinner and the Suns game with some friends of ours.
It was a fun evening, I had never been to a Suns game before so it was super fun to watch and it made it even better that the Suns won, it was such a close game.

We had a lot of fun, we made some awesome friends out here in Glendale so we always have a blast when we get together. It was also nice getting to spend time with David without the kids, even though I missed them so much, but they didn't care they got to spend the night at Grandma and Grandpas which always means they were spoiled to death. I for sure want to go to another game sometime!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Valentines Day

Valentines Day is one of my most favorite holidays, I think its because I have two wonderful kids that I can spoil and love all day long.
We started the day off with some yummy heart shaped pancakes, which they loved.
It looks like Tannon just woke up but in most picture she always has her eye half open.
The kids with there Valentines from Dad and Mom, we put there Valentines on there door knob well they are sleeping, its a nice surprise for them when they wake up.
And after our Valentines dinner the kids got their yummy cupcakes they picked out for dessert.

I just love my two kids so much and I am so blessed to have them in my life. They will always be my special Valentines.