Sunday, April 19, 2009

Let Down!!!

Well for thoughs of you who know me I am a ufc fan and yep there was a fight on Saturday, we had Michelle and Shawn and our friends Wayne and Rachel come over for the fight, pizza and wings. I had been really looking forward to this fight cause one of my most favorite fighters Chuck Liddell was fighting and I was hoping for a major come back cause lately he has not done so good and of course I was let down again, to me personally the fight was totally not far, but rules are rules I guess, but it still left me pissed off for the rest of the night. Chuck is still my fav though. I am just praying that this was not his last fight cause one of my dreams was to go to one of his fights and watch up close and meet him, I told David last night he better start saving his money just in case he decides to fight one last time. And I'm sure everyone else who watched the fight they can probably agree that Anderson Silva's fight was totally retarded, it look like they were just hanging out and playing around. Well thanks for letting me vent on my disappointment in the fight.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Weekend

I haven't posted anything in awhile so beware this is a very long post with lots of pictures, so hang in there.

I have taken some pictures of Barrett over the weeks and just have not posted them so here they are, he is growing so fast I can't believe he is already one month. I took him to his one month check up on Tuesday and he weighed 9.5 lbs and he was 22.5 inch tall and very healthy.

I love these pictures of Tannon and Barrett. Tannon just loves Barrett, I was very surprised how well she adjusted with him and she is such a big helper.

I had David take this picture of Barrett cause I thought it was so cute that he had his arms crossed and sleeping on them, plus he is just so cute when he sleeps.

And Barrett wrapped up in his towel after bath time, I took a picture of Tannon like this when she was about his age to see if they looked alike but they don't, Tannon was alot more filled out then Barrett. Its amazing how two kids can come from the same parents and be so so different in every way.

Now for our Easter weekend.

So on Friday morning I got my wisdom teeth taken out so I pretty much slept all day long which I have to say was pretty nice, I thought getting my wisdom teeth taken out wouldn't be that bad but Monday when I woke I was in so much pain and my whole face was throbing so that morning I went in to see the dentist and he told me I had a dry socket which is the most painful thing ever and I so much would rather have a baby then a dry socket, so now I have to go in every other day it get my sockets packed which is so nasty and I can't hardly eat anything, which is kinda nice cause then it helps me in the process of losing all my baby weight anyway enough of that. On a better note Friday night my side of the family had an early Easter dinner which kinda sucked cause all I could eat was mashed potatoes and jello, but it was fun to get together with the family.

On Saturday Davids mom and sister Michelle came to pick up Tannon in the morning to take her to there wards Easter egg hunt and to Target to do some shopping and then that afternoon David had to go to his parents to work on his car so me and the kids came along and I came just in time Michelle and Davids Mom were making marshmallow eggs and I got to learn how to make my very own chocolate covered marshmallow eggs, it was alot of fun and it was nice cause I really never get to see my sister-in-law Michelle and hangout and talk, and after that we came home and had the Goodman family over for dinner and to play the wii.

Then Easter morning Tannon got up ate Breakfast then took a shower while the Easter bunny was outside hiding Easter eggs. After Tannon got ready we told her that the Easter bunny came and left a surprise out back, but she did not want to go outside cause she thought we meant he was out there with a surprise so it took her awhile to get brave. She had fun hunting for eggs, after we came inside and she looked for Easter basket and the first thing she said when she found it was "Wow, Wow!" Then we relaxed well Tannon played with all her new things she got and then got ready for church, it was my first time back to church since I had Barrett and man it was an experience with two kids now at church but I survived. Then later that night we went to the Anderson for some Easter dinner and they had an Easter egg hunt for Tannon too, we had a very fun and busy day.

Tannon hunting eggs!

Tannon and Barretts Easter baskets

Tannon with her Easter basket

Barrett with his Easter basket

Tannon checking out her stuff in the basket.

And last but not least the kids in there Sunday Easter clothes. They looked so cute!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Update on the family!

We haven't been up to much lately, I basically stay indoors most of the time, so we don't really get out much, but so far everything has been really good! So here are a few things we have been up to, well what Tannon has been up to!

Last week my Aunt was in town for Spring Break and last Monday my mom and my Aunt took the kids to the Zoo and Tannon loved it, I was excited to have alone time with Barrett.

Tannon had alot of fun at the zoo, and came home telling me all about, she also came home with 3 new snakes, she has been collecting snakes lately, hopefully she gets out of this phase soon.

I just loved these pictures of Barrett and it really shows off how much hair he has, I can't believe how much hair he has, Tannon had alot of hair but not this much, but I think its so cute! He has been a really good baby and it has been fun seeing Tannon and him together, Tannon is really good with him, I still can't believe I have two kids:)

My mom bought Tannon this little bunny face. I thought this picture was fun and thought I would share. Tannon is very excited for Easter and for the Easter bunny to come and fill up her basket.

This is not a very good picture and I planned on taking more but I forgot, but yesterday Tannon start dance and she was so excited to go and she was so cute to watch, she goes once a week and she does Tap, Ballet and Tumbling. I will take better pictures next week and post them.