Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day Fun!

Ok to start off last weekend all the boys in the family went hunting for the weekend and when ever they do, my Aunt comes into town and we craft, and here are the three crafts we made. Since Valentines day was the very next weekend we decided to stay with the Valentines theme. I think all of them turned out pretty cute, right now I am trying to find a St Patricks Days crafts so if anyone know of one please pass it along!


Then this last Saturday my Sister in law Michelle and I decorated cupcakes together, we took a cake decorating class together so we are all into decorating cakes and cupcakes right now, we had fun!

I tried to make these cute Valentine Bug Cupcakes but they didnt really turn out that well.

Then Saturday night David and I went out to dinner with the kids for Valentines Day to Red Robin and then out shopping, then we came home put the kids to bed and had my Parents watch them well David and I went to the 9:50 showing of "The Valentines Day" it was a cute movie! I dont think david and I have came home after midnight since we were dating, how sad!

Then Sunday Valentines Day, Tannon woke up to a Valentine from Dad and Mom hanging on her door and to a heart pancake breakfast before church.

And here are some pictures I took of my three special Valentines!

Love this picture!

My #1 Valentine, I love you Babe!

My two cute kids! It was hard to get a good picture of them both!

And me with my kids, I love them so much and I am so grateful for them and my wonderful husband! I hope everyone had a wondeful Valentines Day:)