Wednesday, March 24, 2010

St Patricks Day

So I was super excited for St. Patricks Day, one of the blog I love to look at she does this tradition with her kids where they get a pot of gold treasure and they set a trap the night before St Patricks Day to catch the Leprechaun, but the Leprechaun always escapes with the treasure and leaves little foot prints to where he hid it, so I was excited to start doing this with Tannon. So the night before I explained to her about the pot of gold and the Leprechaun and how we wanted to see if we could catch him, so she decided to put the gold in a tall hamper basket in the wash room, so thats what we did.

And so the next morning she woke up and was excited but nervous to look to see if we caught him and of course we didn't but she saw the footprints and went on her hunt.

He was pretty sneaky and hid it underneath the pool table and he was super nice cause he added some green treasures with our gold ones we put out for him.

She isn't showing much excitement but she was excited, she was just still trying to wake up, my kids are not morning people.

Sharing with Barrett

And for our green breakfast, green clover pancakes, green eggs and green milk.

And my pretty St. Patricks Day girl.

I made some sour cream softies to pass out to people for St. Patricks Day.

And I made a green lunch and we went down to Davids work and had lunch with him.

Then for Dinner we had our Green Green Salad and then we grilled up some hamburgers.

I love fun little holidays like this, its so much fun for the kids too if you make fun and interesting for them, I think thats why I like it because they have fun with it, plus my mom did stuff like this for us and I loved it!

Barretts Birthday

Well my boy turned one a couple Saturdays ago, March 13th! I can not believe that he is one and walking, kids grow way too fast. We had the family come over for a little birthday party on his B-day and here is a few pictures.

My cupcakes I made, I thought they turned out pretty good, better then I thought they would at least:)

Singing Happy Birthday, he got a little nervous at first when everyone just started singing!

Normally when kids see yummy food they just grab and put it their mouth but he did not want to eat it, it was pretty funny.

Brother and Sister

Getting ready to open presents!

Tannon kinda of took over in opening his presents but he didn't really care, he opened the first one and that was it, he just wanted to play.

David and I got him this tractor truck and he loved it, he likes pushing it more then sitting on it but when I saw it I knew he would like it:)

And Me with my birthday boy!

Thanks to all the family that came, we were glad you could make it and thanks for all the fun presents, he is having fun with them all:)

Monday, March 15, 2010

1st 10k

So my News Years goal was to jog everyday and I have been really good at keeping that goal, so I decieded to see how I would do if I signed up for a 10k. My cousin Ashley and I signed up for our first 10k, to be more clear we signed up for our first race ever. We ran Kiwanis/Litchfield Park 10K, 5K, 1 Mile Run on March 6th, I was really nervous cause I did not want to come in last place and I wanted to at least finish the whole run without walking.

Just after I signed in, and of course I get the #1 and I guess its like lucky if you get number #1 so a lot of the runners were making it a big deal, so that was kinda embrassing.

And the race is about to start, you can tell I am little nervous:)

And we did it, There was about 200 runner and I was 122 place so I didnt come in last and I finished the whole thing without walking, it was such a great experience and Im planning on running a lot more races, I got David to run the Pats run with me on April 17th so that will be fun! But Ash and I had alot of fun and we had al ot of support there to cheer us on :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cabin Trip

So a couple of weekends ago David and I decided we need a much needed weekend trip to the Cabin, so off to the snow and to relax:)

The kids on the way to the Cabin!

On are way to the Cabin we always stop at Walmart in Payson and we are so glad we did cause we got super good deals on Snow clothes, so when we got to the Cabin Tannon was so excited to put her stuff on, so they are in there new snow clothes!

The next morning playing in the snow, I was so glad there was some snow just right outside the Cabin cause if it got to cold for Barrett I could go inside with him and still watch Tannon and David.

Me and my boy:)

The Cabin stairs got covered with snow, so David smoothed it out and made a little slope for Tannon to sled on.

The kids going sledding with Daddy, they both loved it:)

My Pretty Girl!

Tannon finally decided to go down by herself, so here she is climbing back up to go again!

I love the snow, its so pretty!

After some morning Snow fun we headed in to Showlow and had lunch, went shopping and got some more good deals and went bowling, we had a lot of fun:)

On Saturday night Davids parents came up and joined us and on Sunday morning Tannon and Papa played in the snow forever they went sledding, built a snowman and made snow angels, she loves her Papa Anderson so much!

The Finished Snowman!

Tannons first time making a snow angel

We came home Sunday afternoon and when we got to the rim it was so foggy you could barely see, I tried to take a picture of the fog but it doesnt really show how bad it was. Well that was our weekend, we had a lot of fun and we got to have some good family bonding time, we always enjoy going to the cabin.