Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Lion King

So for Christmas Davids parents bought the whole Anderson family Lion King ticket, so we all went to go see it last night. It was my second time seeing it and it was still so awesome to watch, it is so amazing how they put the show together and how talented the actors are. My favorite part is all the animals that come out at the beginning and the end. We took Tannon and she just loved it, I was very suprised on how well she was, she woke up this morning telling me all about The Lion King, as if I didn't know she went to see it. Thanks to Davids parents for an awesome Chirstmas present.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Coyotes Game

My Brother has a Foreign Exchange student from Australia staying with us for 2 weeks and he likes Hockey and my parents got us tickets to a game, so last night David and I took them to a Coyotes Game. This was my first time going to a Hockey Game and I had alot of fun, its a very interesting game to watch. And since the Coyotes scored 4 goals they gave everyone a free chalupa coupon to Taco Bell so that's were we head to after the game. The Coyotes won by the way and it was a good game.

My Brother Daniel and Jordan

Happy New Years!

For New Years Eve David and I just hungout at home with Tannon and my family. We ordered pizza and wings and played games and we got a Wii for Christmas so we played that too. It was really hard to stay awake till midnight, but I did it! Tannon she made till about 11:00 so she almost made it! I hope everyone had a great New Years!