Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Summer swim lessons

The kids did swim lesson this summer, I had them both do 2 sessions just to be safe! Tannon was super good and she probably could have just done 1 session but I thought it be something she could do during the summer to keep her from getting to bored and it doesn't hurt to get extra practice. Barrett was pretty tough the first session he just cried every turn he had but the second session was much better.
Tannon really surprised me because last summer she hated swim lessons but this summer she was loving the water she was like a little fish.

You can tell by Barretts face that he is not happy. Barrett hates the water and when we would go swimming at our friends before lessons he won't even go near the water. During his lessons he would refused to kick his feet or do anything for the first couple of days but everyday got better and better and he actually has become quite the dare devil with water when we go swimming at our friends house, he will just jump in if your not watching, I think I prefer him to hate the water cause now I have to watch him like a hawk:)

Cabin Trip with Friends

So as soon as David got out of school for the summer we planned a cabin trip with Brett and Janeal to make up for the last cabin trip we tried to have. I have to say this one went a lot better, we had tonz of fun!
One of the days we were up there we went bowling in Show low, which was a lot of fun, of course I stink at bowling but we had lots of laughs.
When you tell Barrett to smile and he doesn't really feel like it, this is normally what the smile looks like, he is so funny!
Brett and Janeal
David getting ready to help Tannon on her turn.
We also brought the wii up, which was fun. It took forever to get the boys to do Just Dance but when they finally did it, they rocked it!

Going Shooting is always a most when we go to the cabin. Before we went shooting we went to the dollar store and got some cheap and fun things to shoot at for targets.

We also went to a near by lake and had a picnic and walked down the lake, we saw some kids skipping rocks and thought we would give it a try, so we tried to see who could get it to skip the farthest and I wasn't so good at that, mine just sunk.

And last put not least we bought this puzzle the first time we went to the cabin with Brett and Janeal but we of course didnt get to finish it so we were able to finish it this cabin trip so we had to get a picture with it. I hadn't done a puzzle in years and it was a lot of fun and very addicting.

It was a really fun and relaxing cabin trip and we are so lucky to have friends like Brett and Janeal they are always so fun to hangout with.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Peters Graduation

My Brother in law Peter graduated from ASU this last May and Tannon and I were able to go and watch the ceremony. In the picture is Peter with Tannon and Krew. What an awesome accomplishment!