Monday, April 19, 2010

Pats Run

David and I ran the Pats Run this weekend and we got my family to do it with us, it was such an awesome event there was 28,000 people there so it was super crowded but a lot of fun.

This is the crowd behind us waiting for the race to start.

David and I after the race, as you can tell my face is bright red.

My Brother Chris was in town so he did it with us, which was fun!

And David and I.
When we got home we checked our places and I got in the 8100 and David was in the 8,700, David and I were 50 seconds behind each other and there was 600 people in between us, that just shows how many people were there, we had a lot of fun though, we can't wait til next year, but we have a race planned every month to do together so that will be fun and it will keep us in shape:)

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend we went up to the Cabin and to my Aunts and Uncles in Snowflake, the weekend was filled with lots of fun.

We left Friday night to the Cabin so we didnt do much Friday besides our normal stop at Walmart in Payson on the way up, we always spend way to much money there, for some reason the Walmart in Payson has way more stuff.

Then Saturday we woke up and went hiking, David so badly wanted to find antler sheddings but he had no luck, but Tannon had so much fun hiking.

Saturday night we drove to my Aunts for Dinner and to color eggs.

This was Tannons first time coloring eggs so she had a good time with Jordan and Jessica doing that.

Look at her big smile! I love seeing my kids smiling and happy.

And of course Easter Morning, we hide Tannons Easter basket this year, so it was fun watching her look for it.

I love this picture she is so happy she found her basket:) The Easter bunny again spoiled the kids but I am so glad for some reason the Easter bunny knew exactly what kind of candy David and I like ;)

David was taking an afternoon nap on the floor and the kids layed down right by him so I had to get a picture it was so cute.

Davids Parents and Us went to my Aunts for Easter lunch and a hunt, there was lots of yummy food.

The kids hunting for eggs.

Showing of their eggs!

I think at first Barrett thought the eggs were just balls but then one came open and he found the candy, and it was all over from there:)

Tannon looking in all her eggs, she wasn't even trying to find the money eggs and she found two of them so she got $8, lucky girl!

My Aunts Cat just had kittens so Tannon was loving holding them!

And that was our weekend, we had a good weekend and it was so nice to get away.

Easter Sunday Outfits

I had the kids wear their Easter Church outfits the Sunday before Easter seeing that we were going to be out of town for Easter and Confernence was Easter weekend too.

I didnt get very good pictures I should have taken them before church cause after church Barrett is way past due for a nap.

But they were still cute and I loved there clothes I bought for them!

Easter Egg Hunt at Uncle Max's

The weekend before Easter weekend Max and Steph invited us to come to their community Easter Egg Hunt, the kids had alot of fun, thanks guys for inviting us.

Tannon and Uncle Max in the petting zoo, they had goats, turkeys, chicken, baby chicks, and Rabbits.

Tannon was a little Nervous.

Tannon was so excited they were giving horses rides there.

She couldn't be happier, she loves horses

It took Tannon awhile to get in the bounce house, for some reason she gets nervous around alot of kids and would rather be away from crowed places, but we got her in and she ended up having a blast.

Barrett hanging out watching his Sister.

The slide bounce house, she didnt even want to try this one at all, but later on Stephs sister brought her kids and her niece, so Tannon ended up going with them on it and she was excited to make some new friends.

And the Easter egg hunt! I think Barrett got like 5 eggs but its all good because I dont think really cared much.

Tannon showing off what she got, it was so nice they didnt fill the eggs with Candy they put little easter toys in them, which is more fun anyway.

We had alot of fun, thanks again Max and Steph:)

Canning Strawberry Jam

So a few weeks ago we ordered a big case of Strawberries and we decided to make some Strawberry Jam with them, and of course my little help was right by my side the whole time, it was our first time canning Jam and I think it turned out pretty good for first timers.