Thursday, June 19, 2008

San Diego

David had a dental class he was taking in San Diego Monday and Tuesday, so Marci and Bubba came to keep me company well David was in class all day. So we all left Sunday bright and early to Cali. There are a ton of pictures so hang in there.

This was our first day on the beach, it was so pretty and the weather was way nice.

Yep David got my purse all wet, but thats ok!

Isnt't it so beautiful!

The next day was our first day laying out to start our tan.

Marci and I got brave to do some boogie boarding, the water was so cold but after awhile you just got numb.

Yep the life gaurd came to get me, I guess there are certain areas you only can boogie board in.

We went to Imperial Beach to walk on the pier!

This is on the pier!

On Tuesday David got out of class early so he was able to come and enjoy some beach fun with us.

For dinner Tuesday night we went to this pizza place, David heard they make a 28 inch pizza and the boys had to see it for themselves. Let me tell ya it was huge.

Wednesday morning was our last day on the beach so sad. I love the beach so much!

So we are home now and its so sad cause I fell in love with Cali and the beaches, I could totally live there right by the beach and just go everyday. We all had alot of fun and thanks to Marci and Bubba for coming, I dont know what I would have done by myself.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Potty Training Down & Done:)

I just wanted to tell everyone how excited I am that Tannon is finally done Potty Training at 19 months. It took us about 2 weeks for her to finally get it, the first 3 days she went through like 25 pairs of undies, and I was doing laundry like crazy, but now she finally has it. Tannon has gone 4 days now with no accidents. Man my little girl is growing up so fast, she looks way big now wearing undies and not a diaper, I have to do a double take when I look at her.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Perlata Trail

We hiked Perlata Trail!!

So David and I have been thinking of something we could do together and this is what we came up with, hiking! We had alot of fun but realized we are both out of shape.

We invited Ashley and her boyfriend Gabe to come with and we all had alot of fun together. We all decided we are going to go every other weekend, but next time we will go at like 5:30 instead of 7:00 cause it got hot really fast, thank goodness for water and shade. Hey if anyone has any good hiking spots let me know!