Thursday, October 20, 2011

First day of Preschool

Tannon started Preschool the middle of August, she could not wait to start school! She loves school and getting to see her friends ever day, she was kinda bumped that most of her friends from last years preschool weren't going to be there cause they started kindergarten but I told her there would plenty of other new friends she could make. It was fun a couple of days before school started my mom came out and took her to the mall to buy some new outfits for school and to lunch which got her really excited to start school cause she had some fun clothes to wear that she picked out!

This is a picture of her right before I took her to school the first day in the outfit she picked out and could not wait to wear the first day of school! She has been such a big helper this summer, I am so lucky to have such a good girl. I miss her everyday when she is at school. Its funny everyday I pick her up she asks me "Did you miss me again, mom?" and of course the answer is always yes. Sometimes I tell her I cried the whole time she was gone and its so cute she gets this big girl look and starts to lecture me on how she is a big girl now and she has to go school to learn and I can't cry, it to funny! I love her so much!