Monday, October 17, 2011

Daniel leaving on his mission/Utah trip

My brother Daniel left on his mission in June, before heading to the airport he came by to say goodbye to the kids! Tannon and Barrett love Uncle Daniel and they always talk about him being on his mission to everyone. It was sad to see him say goodbye to the kids!
Daniel and I really close so it was sad to see him leave but I know he will be an awesome missionary!

So my parent flew him to Utah a week before he had to enter the MTC and stayed with my cousin so that they could have a family vacation before he left, it was fun my brother Christopher who is lives in Idaho for school drove down for a couple of day and then it worked out perfect to were I could go which was so awesome. I drove up with Davids aunt who was in town visiting and then David surprised me with a ticket home. David actually setup the whole thing, it was so nice. I have such a awesome husband. It was so nice spending time with my brothers. I had so much fun. I had never been to Utah before and it was so pretty there.
So as soon as I got to Utah we all went bowling and then out for frozen yogurt. It was girls against boys and who ever lost had to treat for yogurt and of course the girls won:)
Yes my brother Christopher looks like a weirdo standing like that!

So the next day my parent gave us kids money and told us to go out and have bonding time as siblings and of course I took no pictures, sad! But we went to the mall and looked around and tried to figure out what we wanted to do and we decided we would go out to lunch and go to the movies and see the new X Men movie that was out! I had a lot of fun with my brothers, I am so lucky to have such awesome brother, I love them so much!

The next day we did some shopping and then we all went rock climbing, I had never been rocking climbing and I have to say I had a blast.

Then the day before Daniel had to go to the MTC my parents, Daniel and I went to the Salt Lake Temple walked around and did a session and the went for a light lunch and ice cream.

The last day was a sad/happy day dropping my brother off at the MTC. I am so proud of him for going on a mission, he is going to do such a great job because he is such a hard worker and so kind and caring about others.

I had a fun time in Utah. I am sad I didn't take that many pictures cause we did so much and had a blast! Thanks Alisha for letting us stay with you!


The Price Family said...

Thats awesome that you got to go with them. Sounds like it was an amazing trip!